Can a Hybrid Guitar do both Jobs?

- Shaped like a ‘classic’ electric guitar with it’s magnetic pickup layout and controls but with a hollow body, acoustic Soundboard and under saddle piezo transducer.

An electric guitar needs to be connected to either a dedicated guitar amplifier or routed through today’s alternatives simulating one plus any number of effects to suit the guitarist.

An acoustic guitar can be heard directly, if it’s to be recorded or amplified then it can be miked or fitted with a variety of pickups and transducers to be routed to mixers or dedicated acoustic guitar amplifiers and even processed within that chain with Impulse Responses and effects.

The philosophy behind the creation of the PK Hybrid is to make an instrument that is the first link in the chain between the musician and the listener and give that guitarist a way to use both electric and acoustic tones routed from the guitar’s 2 outputs to their preferred processing/amplification with as little compromise as possible.

To this end, each guitar can be ordered in a configuration to suit the player.

This starts with the choice of body shape which currently can be one of two classics or even custom. Then the choice of hardware and pickups/electrics.

The acoustic aspect involves the choice of soundboard wood:
It is made of either the standard Spruce(one of several types) or Western Red Cedar or African Mahogany, which is glued to 10mm thick hardwood sides (usually Paulownia).

The only thing attached to the soundboard is the bridge assembly which is removable and has intonation adjustment.
The brass tailpiece, attached at the strap button, reduces the stress on the soundboard from string tension.

The removable solid back is 6mm MDF, veneered both sides with American Walnut, it holds all other pickup, switches, sockets & preamp hardware - the magnetic pickups are height adjustable from the back.

A number of colours are available, oiled satin finish is standard.

The 2 guitars featured are in a standard configuration including an active preamp before the electric guitar output and piezo + preamp with tone controls & tuner (on the back) before the acoustic output. An additional internal microphone with balance control can be fitted.
The signals exit in the usual location via a single TRS 2 channel 1/4 inch jack to be connected to an A/B type pedal splitter then routed to the respective FX and amplifier setups.
D’Addario Nickel Electric or Acoustic Phosphor Bronze strings are fitted, or other types to suit customer.

Introductory price for a non custom model is £650 including foam lined sturdy lightweight case.

Ordering a guitar starts with a discussion of the customer’s requirements followed by a quote and expected delivery schedule within a few days once any non standard hardware etc. is sourced and costed.
A deposit to cover some material cost is required for the build to begin.
This will take approximately 4 weeks for a custom model, less for standard which may be also available ‘off the shelf’.

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